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Environmental / Social

Veeco has adopted a Environmental & Social Responsibility Statement, which applies across Veeco and to its suppliers, to help improve social, ethical, safety and environmental conditions across the Veeco organization.

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Veeco’s Human Rights Policy formalizes the Company’s commitment to preserving and promoting the fundamental rights of others as reflected in the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct.

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Veeco maintains a written policy that applies to the Conflict Minerals rule within the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street and Consumer Protection Act.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

We Believe in Making a Material Difference

At Veeco, we implement environmental and social responsibility programs that apply across our organization and to our suppliers. These programs are based on our core values and are integral to our corporate culture. We are committed to upholding the highest levels of integrity and are working to improve social, ethical, safety and environmental conditions across our organization.

Our People

We believe that an inclusive, motivated and well-developed workforce is vital to our success. We are committed to fair treatment, equal opportunity, and an environment free from unlawful discrimination. We support all employees' right to a living wage. All our employees will be paid at least the minimum wage that is required by the law, or in its absence, the prevailing industry wage. We foster personal and professional development with on-site resources that enhance both the mental and physical health of our employees. In 2022, our employees received an average of 6 hours of training in support of their professional development.

Our Community

We embrace the opportunity to be a responsible member of our community. With offices worldwide and a diverse workforce, we strive to align with employees on initiatives that matter most. Whether it’s promoting STEM education or building a home for Habitat for Humanity, our mission is to give back.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Environmental, health and safety responsibilities are integral to producing world-class products. We are passionate about minimizing any adverse effects on the community and about protecting our natural resources. Ensuring a safe work environment, reducing waste, and sourcing non-conflict minerals is at the core of everything we do.

Our Supply Chain

We recognize that a responsible supply chain is one that is inclusive and diverse. We actively seek to provide opportunities for diverse suppliers who can deliver goods and services that meet our standards, supplier selection criteria and customer requirements.

Habitat for Humanity