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Veeco BioScope II Selected By M.E. Muller Institute for Structural Biology

January, 03, 2008

WOODBURY, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 3, 2008--Veeco Instruments Inc. (Nasdaq: VECO), a leading provider of instrumentation to the nanoscience community, announced today that the M.E. Muller Institute for Structural Biology (MSB) at the Biozentrum in Basel, Switzerland, has selected its BioScope(TM) II Atomic Force Microscope to aid in its cutting edge life sciences research program. The MSB placed the order for Veeco's BioScope II during the fourth quarter of 2007.

The MSB's Professor of Structural Biology, Ueli Aebi, commented: "Veeco's BioScope II is ideal for our research because of the strong features of the tool, such as the superior integration of optical microscope methods, the powerful software and the flexible controller. In addition, we have had good prior experience with Veeco's product portfolio and their on-going customer support."

Roderick Lim, a principal investigator at the MSB, added, "I believe our research efforts will be significantly strengthened by forging an even closer partnership with Veeco. As we innovate beyond current life sciences approaches and strive towards translational research, the BioScope II has the potential to form the mainstay of a multi-disciplinary platform that lies at the interface between the biological and physical sciences."

Sebastian Tille, Veeco's Senior Life Science Product Marketing Manager, commented, "The scientists at the MSB are considered to be leading innovators in the field of life sciences research. Our BioScope II will bring to the Institute the capability to image biological complexes far beyond the diffraction limit of light, as well as measure nanomechanical properties of single biomolecules, cells and tissues. In addition, Veeco intends to work closely with the scientists at MSB to help identify novel ways to apply AFM and related techniques to life sciences applications."

Veeco's innovative, high-performance BioScope II AFM has been engineered specifically to facilitate advanced bioscience research. It enables novel in-situ techniques for measuring biological samples in three dimensions, while being integrated into with inverted optical research microscopes. The BioScope II is ideal for a wide array of cutting-edge bioscience applications, such as spatial identification of protein molecules and cellular structures, investigations of cell response to mechanical stimulation and nano-manipulation, and in-situ pharmacological studies of live cells. The BioScope II is designed for multimodal imaging and measurements, specifically targeting the correlation of nanoscopic measurements with advanced optical/fluorescence microscopy.

About the M.E. Muller Institute for Structural Biology

Founded in spring of 1986 and financially supported by the M.E. Muller Foundation, the MSB has been pursuing basic research into the structure, function, interaction and dynamics of muscle, cytoskeletal and nuclear envelope proteins, and of membrane pumps, channels, anchors and receptors. The major research tools involve a wide range of state-of-the-art light, electron and scanning probe microscopies which are rigorously combined with biochemical, biophysical, cell and molecular biological, and immunological techniques.

About Veeco

Veeco Instruments Inc. provides solutions for nanoscale applications in the worldwide data storage, semiconductor, HB-LED/wireless and scientific research markets. Our Metrology products are used to measure at the nanoscale and our Process Equipment tools help create nanoscale devices. Veeco's manufacturing and engineering facilities are located in New York, New Jersey, California, Colorado, Arizona and Minnesota. Global sales and service offices are located throughout the United States, Europe, Japan and Asia Pacific. Additional information on Veeco can be found at

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