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Veeco’s Technology Experts to Speak at Worldwide Solar Industry Events

April, 13, 2009

PLAINVIEW, N.Y., April 13, 2009 -- Veeco Instruments Inc. (Nasdaq: VECO) announced today that three of its technology experts will make presentations at worldwide solar industry events and tradeshows in May 2009.  Veeco’s Sr. Director of Business Development and Product Marketing, John Patrin, Ph.D., Erik Novak, Ph.D., Director of R&D and Technical Development and Thomas Lampros, Director of Process at Veeco Solar, will speak to manufacturing trends, latest technologies and industry roadmaps for the thin film solar market.


Dr. Patrin, Mr. Lampros and Dr. Novak will speak on the following topics at the following events:

May 4, 2009
11:20am CT
Taipei, Taiwan

International Symposium on Photovoltaics
Speaker: John Patrin, Ph.D.
Title: Thin Film CIGS Systems for Glass and Flexible Substrates Using Linear Evaporation Sources

May 6, 2009
10:40am CT
Taipei, Taiwan

PIDA CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell Key Process and Technology Development Seminar
Speaker: Thomas Lampros
Title: Hardware Configuration and Process Optimization for Advanced CIGS Manufacturing
Speaker: John Patrin, Ph.D.
Title: Driving Down CIGS Cost of Ownership

May 12, 2009
3:10pm PT
Santa Clara, CA

Society of Vacuum Coaters TechCon
Speaker: John Patrin, Ph.D.
Title: Web and Inline System Optimization Utilizing Thermal Sources for Thin Film Solar

May 18, 2009
2:00pm PT
Santa Clara, CA

John Patrin, Ph.D.
Panel Discussion: Scaling Manufacturing: Arming the Revolution

May 20, 2009
1:00pm PT
Santa Clara, CA

Erik Novak, Ph.D.
Title: Precision Solar Metrology Enables Solar Efficiency Gains


Veeco recently introduced its FastFlex Web Coating Systems for CIGS (copper, indium, gallium, selenium) solar cell manufacturing into its already successful line of solar products: thermal deposition sources for CIGS , MOCVD systems , and a complete suite of thin film and surface roughness metrology systems .


About John Patrin, Ph.D.

John Patrin joined Veeco in 2004 and is currently the Sr. Director of Business Development and Product Marketing for Veeco’s CIGS thermal source products.  John started his career at Park Scientific Instruments in 1994 as a Product Manager and later became an Engineering Manager at FSI International.  Prior to joining Veeco, he was Director of Product Marketing at Wavecrest from 2000-2004.  John has a B.S. in Physics from St. John's University and a Ph. D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Minnesota.  He holds three patents and is the author of numerous publications in technical and trade journals.


About Erik Novak, Ph.D.

Erik Novak joined Veeco (then Wyko Corporation) in 1994 as a student intern, and received his Ph.D. from University of Arizona under Jim Wyant, one of Wyko's cofounders and current Dean of the College of Optical Sciences at University of Arizona.  He has been an optical engineer, product manager for products in telecommunications, large optics metrology, and optical profiling, and managed the Veeco Optical Metrology Engineering Group. Since 2006, he has directed the research and applications development activities for Veeco’s stylus and optical products.


About Thomas Lampros

As Director of Process at Veeco Solar, Thomas Lampros is responsible for development of processes to deposit and characterize CIGS solar cells.  Mr. Lampros has over twenty years of experience in photovoltaics.  At Daystar Technologies, he established a pilot line for the production of high-efficiency CIGS solar cells, and at the Institute for Energy Conversion, he participated in the research and development of CIGS, CdTe and a-Si solar cells. He developed processes for the pilot production of a-Si modules at BP Solar, and managed AstroPower's Concentrator PV Program.  Mr. Lampros earned degrees of M.S. Materials Science from University of Delaware and a B.S. Engineering Physics from S.U.N.Y. Buffalo, and is a member of the IEEE, ASES and a Board Member of NYSEIA.



About Veeco

Veeco Instruments Inc. designs, manufactures, markets and services enabling solutions for customers in the HB-LED, solar, data storage, semiconductor, scientific research and industrial markets. We have leading technology positions in our three businesses: LED & Solar Process Equipment, Data Storage Process Equipment, and Metrology Instruments. Veeco's product development, marketing, engineering and manufacturing facilities are located in New York, New Jersey, California, Colorado, Arizona, Massachusetts and Minnesota. Global sales and service offices are located throughout the U.S., Europe, Japan and Asia Pacific.


To the extent that this news release discusses expectations or otherwise makes statements about the future, such statements are forward-looking and are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from the statements made. These factors include the risks discussed in the Business Description and Management's Discussion and Analysis sections of Veeco's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2009 and in our subsequent quarterly reports on Form 10-Q, current reports on Form 8-K and press releases.Veeco does not undertake any obligation to update any forward-looking statements to reflect future events or circumstances after the date of such statements.

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